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4th & MAIN

Location Based Experiences


Experiences produced with the purpose of creating memorable, in-person connections with its target audience. 

The aim of organizing recurring and seasonal pop-ups at the 4th and Main building is to attract a diverse multicultural crowd. These efforts are strategically designed to foster meaningful, in-person connections with our target audience. By curating experiences that resonate with various cultural backgrounds, we aim to cultivate a vibrant atmosphere that appeals to a wide range of individuals. Ultimately, this approach increases the likelihood of attracting potential renters for the available retail spaces within the building.

  • Recurring pop-ups

  • Seasonal pop-ups

  • Charity support

  • Hosted

  • Community organization


Recurring Pop Ups

Food Trucks

In today's culinary landscape, millennials crave not just food but experiences they can capture and share on social media. By blending experiential marketing with gourmet offerings, you can captivate and thrill your customers, offering them a fresh way to engage with your brand. Collaborating with renowned chefs adds an extra layer of appeal and taps into an existing culinary fanbase.

Behind the scenes, food trucks are driven by individuals fueled by their passion for cooking. Each truck brings forth a distinct array of recipes and backgrounds. Whether it's a classic burger joint or a Korean-inspired venture sharing cherished family recipes, the diversity is palpable. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, food trucks offer a lower barrier to entry, empowering more home cooks to share their cuisine with adventurous eaters.

Moreover, the allure of food trucks extends beyond just the food itself. They draw millennial influencers, whose social media posts can attract a wave of potential customers eager to experience the latest trends. This buzz creates a dynamic environment that not only draws people to the area but also piques the interest of businesses seeking to capitalize on the influx of visitors.


Fashion Events

Pop Up x Seasonal

Retail pop-ups, also known as flash retailing, offer a fleeting yet impactful way for customers to engage with your brand firsthand. Whether it's clothing, jewelry, eyewear, or skincare products, these temporary setups provide a unique, tactile experience distinct from traditional storefronts. By inviting customers to interact with your products in person, retail pop-ups create opportunities to weave in educational elements, foster interactive moments, and establish personal connections that resonate deeply.

The transient nature of retail pop-ups adds an element of excitement and urgency, fueling consumer interest in your brand through limited-time events. Whether it's an exclusive product giveaway or an immersive experience, the time-sensitive nature of pop-ups makes each interaction feel special and memorable. These experiences leave a lasting impression, fostering strong, positive associations with your brand that endure beyond the event itself.

Moreover, by hosting fashion events alongside retail pop-ups, you not only showcase your products but also highlight the potential of available spaces at 4th and Main. Fashion designers and visitors alike can envision the possibilities, sparking interest in renting these spaces and contributing to the area's growth.

benefitted social causes.

Pop-Ups With A Social Purpose

Pop-Up Stores have many great benefits for brands: a tool to launch an O2O strategy, engage with customers, build brand buzz, test locations, seasons and markets, and target new customer segments. Today, they do not only benefit the company but local communities and society as well.


Charity Support

Non-Profits x Community

A well-executed pop-up event holds significant potential for nonprofits beyond just fundraising. It serves as a platform to amplify engagement, garner donations, and expand email lists, fostering enduring connections with potential activists or donors. Additionally, hosting charity fundraisers with nonprofit organizations can be particularly advantageous for the 4th and Main building, as it aligns with its community-driven ethos.

By partnering with nonprofit organizations for charity fundraisers, the 4th and Main building not only demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility but also creates opportunities for community involvement. These events bring people together for a common cause, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity within the community. As word spreads about the building's dedication to supporting charitable initiatives, it enhances its reputation as a hub for community-driven activities.

Furthermore, charity fundraisers attract a diverse audience, including potential renters who are drawn to spaces that actively contribute to the betterment of the community. As individuals participate in these events and witness the positive impact they have on local causes, they may be inspired to become more deeply involved with the 4th and Main building, either as tenants or supporters.

In essence, hosting charity fundraisers with nonprofit organizations not only benefits the causes being supported but also strengthens the appeal of the 4th and Main building as a community-driven space. By fostering connections, promoting social responsibility, and attracting potential renters, these events play a vital role in enhancing the building's standing within the community.


Why the value of community is important

Building a community isn't just a lofty ideal; it's a crucial element for both tenants at 4th and Main Rentals and prospective business tenants eyeing available commercial space. Community interaction fosters trust among residents and businesses alike, a trust that forms the bedrock of enduring relationships. For tenants, this trust translates into a sense of belonging and security, knowing they're part of a supportive network. For businesses, it means gaining credibility and a loyal customer base, which in turn drives sales and growth. Furthermore, a vibrant community encourages word-of-mouth recommendations, a potent force in expanding clientele. By nurturing this communal bond, 4th and Main Rentals not only enhance the well-being of their residents but also create an attractive environment for businesses seeking to thrive.


Hosted Events

Hosting events with influencers at the 4th and Main building not only garners attention but also lures potential renters. By establishing a reputation for hosting extraordinary events, the building becomes a magnet for individuals seeking vibrant experiences, thereby increasing foot traffic and piquing the interest of prospective tenants. This trifecta of Pop Up, Music, and Community events creates an enticing atmosphere that sets the building apart.

The allure of exclusivity adds another layer of appeal. Unlike traditional promotional tactics such as giveaways, pop-up events offer attendees the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to experience new products or services, elevating the perceived value of attendance. The exclusivity is further emphasized through tiered attendee systems, with VIP treatment at the center.
Central to the success of pop-up events is their focus on experientiality. Attendees are not merely spectators but active participants, engaging with products through samples, teasers, or trial runs. Incorporating hands-on activities like cooking alongside chefs in a pop-up restaurant or participating in workshops fosters a deeper connection with the brand or concept, enhancing the overall event experience.

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