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Although there are several case studies with Armani one of the most notable is the collaboration with physician group MDXclusive. MDX received the ultimate exposure, recognition and brand boost with team Armani Racing. 


MDXclusive| Armani

Scope of Work:

Prime Placement, Branding, Press Building, Social Responsibility


MDXclusive was looking for prime wrap placement to showcase their brand on a grand scale and showcase their support for social responsibility.    Corporate Social Responsibility allowed MDX to enact positive change and build customer trust. Supporting NASCAR driver Armani Williams has allowed for their women-owned company to join the American Dream of entrepreneurship through devoted NASCAR fans and their peers.



"NASCAR driver Armani Williams fuels autism awareness and inclusivity"


The behind the scenes track activation included meet & greets with fans. Company media for archive, promotional use, brand identity, social responsibility, improved customer experiences and increased public relations.  


MDX had a successful campaign. They were able to gain traction on meta approved platforms such as CNN and Men's Health Magazine. Brand their company through fan meet & greets and dramatically increase their social responsibility allowing them to gain notoriety in their industry and accumulate new purchase orders. 

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