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Compeer Partner Includes

Pandora's Box

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Programmatic Ad Inclusions

"Mobile interstitial ads seamlessly immerse users in full-screen experiences within apps, strategically positioned at key transition points like app launch or video pre-roll. These captivating moments serve as powerful branding opportunities, ensuring maximum visibility and delivering impactful messages to captivated audiences."

Mobile interstitials:

(Campaign 3 month) (~20 million impressions)


Apple Music



Wine Spectator


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Weekly Social Media collaborative ads (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin)

Estimated 5 Million Impressions

Social Meida Ad Inclusions


Event Activations:

Embark on an enriching journey with us through a spectrum of thoughtfully curated events, meticulously designed campaigns, and engaging activities. Our immersive marketing strategy transcends traditional boundaries, serving as a beacon for fostering brand awareness, nurturing customer loyalty, and forging enduring connections with our discerning audience.

Logo featured on collateral materials

(Launch, Wrap and Premiere Events)


Media wall

Pop banners

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