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4th & MAIN




& Thriving

Creative Show Director

Gwendolyn Bates, a native to San Diego and the military community is the owner of two fashion brands. She is the Founder of GFASH LLC a red-carpet jewelry company and CEO of Fashion Week San Diego as of 2019, which is the longest standing fashion week on the west coast. With operations in CA and NY both fashion companies are major supporters of the San Diego community and have notable social impacts on and off the runway.


Fashion Events


The 4th and Main Summer fashion event will feature 10-15 brands. These brands will have the opportunity to feature their brand, gain brand exposure and expand their footprint with a dedicated retail store location for a premium price based on a 3,6, or 12 month lease. 



Digital & Social Campaigns |  Gift Bagging | On-Site Representation

Embark on a captivating journey with Cervo Media Group and Fashion Week San Diego, where innovation and creativity converge to offer a distinct and invigorating experience. Immerse yourself to a gateway of cutting-edge trends and artistic expressions, ensuring you stay at the forefront of style and inspiration.

  • Brands will gain visibility to captive and diverse local, national and international audiences.

  • Enhance brand visibility and elevate brand perception through strategic alignment with San Diego's premier fashion event.

  • Establish secured promotional marketing exposure.

  • Attain prominent brand recognition through collaboration with esteemed media partners across diverse mediums including print, television online, video, and social media.

  • Procure professional post-event photography to fortify marketing endeavors.

  • Embrace the chance for your brand to contribute to the advancement of the fashion, beauty, and design sector.



First choice for new-to-market retailers, creating discovery of unique and diverse retail mix in a top market. Uniquely positioned not just to understand but to influence the ever-evolving world of retail. Offer flexible, scalable retail solutions that let brands showcase at its best and create meaningful shopping experiences that maximizes sales. 



Hundreds of Attendees

Discover the latest fashion trends and enjoy a retail exposure at our Fashion Show. Our chic and trendy clothing defines modern fashion and showcases the epitome of style. Join us for an eventful evening as we unveil our latest collection that will take your breath away. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to experience fashion at its finest.

Connecting Brands To Powerful
Man Playing Guitar

Live Performances

Hosting events with influencers at the 4th and Main building not only garners attention but also lures potential renters. By establishing a reputation for hosting extraordinary events, the building becomes a magnet for individuals seeking vibrant experiences, thereby increasing foot traffic and piquing the interest of prospective tenants. This trifecta of live music, and community creates an enticing atmosphere that sets the building apart.


Experiential Solutions


Retail discovery, programmatic advertising, new-to-market retailers, creating discovery of unique and diverse retail. We would place at least 4 of the following digital boards around the property and contract a  15 year revenue share. 

We partner with advertisers, ad agencies, and have both SSP and DSP server solutions to fulfill ad request. 

On-premise retail media network that guarantees ad views and offers partners an impression guarantee.

Spectacular experiences complete with on-site production support for turnkey execution

Premium Decluttered Environments

  • 100% Owned & Operated

  • Privacy-Protected Anonymized Video Analytics (AVA) Software measures Real-Time Actionable Data

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