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Nadeem Majdalany

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Grammy® Award Winning

Musician Composer 

Conductor - Songwriter

Award-winning composer and conductor, Nadeem Majdalany, has a stylistic yet unorthodox approach to music composition. Nadeem composes music for Feature Film, Television and well versed in Songwriting. 


The Maestro Behind the Music

Los Angeles based classical contemporary composer, conductor, and songwriter Nadeem Majdalany, developed a passion for composition at the age of 6 prior to taking up any instrument. While pursuing his degree at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, Majdalany made his orchestral debut conducting the Athens Symphony Orchestra in Greece. While in Greece, he was commissioned by the Artistic Director to create an orchestral and choice piece in which he entitled, “Gloria Et In Terra Pax”. He continued on an international platform composing and conducting before bringing his baton to Los Angeles.


As a composer Nadeem Majdalany is both dynamic and versatile with a unique ability to capture the essence of string frequencies and percussive harmonies while fusing his passion of rock and jazz with a classical sonority, stitching an original fabric into each score and song. Majdalany's latest projects include an intensely emotional and heart stopping score for Brian Skiba's action thriller, "Paradise Prey", Yiqun Chen's psychological thriller "Trapped" and hilarious romantic comedy "Death Planner" from Carly-Ann Giene. Nadeem Majdalany's work can also be heard on a diverse range of television programming on networks such as: FOX, MTV / MTV2, OWN, HBO and NBC


Majdalany is best known for his album “The Phoenix of Atlantis” where he was able to capture the panoramic essence of string frequencies and their percussive harmonies, giving a stylistically unique and unorthodox texture to his musical composition.


Phoenix of Atlantis

Contemporary Chamber Orchestra

This recording has become a favorite among fans, as it has various pitch ranges paired with amazing instrumental melodies. It is a deep metaphysical journey the listener takes; transported into a world dictated to me through my dreams.

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