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Premium Partner Includes

Pandora's Box


Mixed Reality

Production Inclusion

We incorporate different aspects of the company into the three acts during the pre-production writing phase and subsequently AR/VR environments, as integral components of the production. Examples include: featuring brand engagement interaction, brand name in environments, featured saved background environments, live event product features with strategically placed inclusions.  


Logo appears at the start of the show with “brought to you by “Presenting Sponsor.”

Logo is visually displayed in the closing credits

Production Inclusion

Sample incorporation of built in AR/VR company logo inclusions in environments or animations.


Production Inclusion

Example of sample environments. 

ar live 2.jpg

Live Product Inclusion

Combine AR & live event direct advertisement. Augment the real world with rich, dynamic content through a mobile device. Drive the immersive, experience from product and visual display

Programmatic Ad Inclusions

CTV/OTT Pre-Roll Collaborative Trailer Ads:

(Campaign 8 month) (~24 million impressions)

Device Ads | Amazon, Roku 

Market buys: U.S., UK, Germany, Japan 

Amazon: Prime Video, Fire TV, Fire Tablet

Roku: Streaming channels

Reaching relevant audiences at scale

Hundreds of millions of Amazon customers shopping and streaming content, Amazon video ads can help brand and discover new audiences based on billions of exclusive signals.

AdobeStock_487496086 copy.jpg copy.png

Programmatic Ad Inclusions

"Mobile interstitial ads seamlessly immerse users in full-screen experiences within apps, strategically positioned at key transition points like app launch or video pre-roll. These captivating moments serve as powerful branding opportunities, ensuring maximum visibility and delivering impactful messages to captivated audiences."

Mobile interstitials:

(Campaign 6 month) (~20 million impressions)


Apple Music



Wine Spectator


Programmatic Ad Inclusions

pan.magazine copy.png

Digital Magazine interstitials:

(Campaign 8 month) and (~50 million impressions)

JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association

Haute Living

Condé Nast Traveler

Men's Health
Women's Health
Psychology Today
Science Magazine


Rolling Stone

Classical Music


Prestige Digital Magazine

Luxurious Magazine


Pink Sugar Texture copy.jpg

Weekly Social Media collaborative ads (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin)

Estimated 5 Million Impressions

Social Meida Ad Inclusions

Out of Home Inclusions:

(Campaign 6 month) and (~5 million impressions)

Amazon On-Box Advertising



Amazon On-Box Advertising:

—Amazon delivered a total of 4.2 billion boxes in 2023, which equates to more than 11.5 million packages per day—can leave a lasting impression on consumers. 

Our team of storytellers has created a brand strategy that includes campaigns engaging Amazon Prime delivery and consumers at multiple stages of the marketing funnel, building brand awareness, consideration, and conversion.

 A QR code on the side of the box direct recipients to a custom landing page that features the trailer, information about the characters, education and links to related products, once scanned. pandora box.png

Event Activations:

Embark on an enriching journey with us through a spectrum of thoughtfully curated events, meticulously designed campaigns, and engaging activities. Our immersive marketing strategy transcends traditional boundaries, serving as a beacon for fostering brand awareness, nurturing customer loyalty, and forging enduring connections with our discerning audience.

Logo featured on collateral materials

(Launch, Wrap and Premiere Events)


Live event product inclusions

Media wall

Pop banners

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