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 Pandora’s Box is the newest contemporary classical composition by award-winning artist and composer, Nadeem Majdalany.

A groundbreaking contemporary immersive concert that is poised to
revolutionize the live concert experience. The centerpiece of this performance
is a unique, mystical hand-crafted box with six sides and 21 intricate doors,
each concealing a composed sheet of music waiting to be discovered by each musician that opens it. This interactive concert experience combines the beauty of contemporary classical music with audience participation, making it a one-of-a-kind event.

Pandora's box is not just a concert; it is a transformative experience that
challenges us to confront our own vulnerabilities and embrace the power of forgiveness. It reminds us that we are all flawed, but it is through acknowledging our mistakes and seeking forgiveness that we can find true
redemption. This concert will leave you pondering the depths of the human
spirit and the incredible capacity we have for growth and change.



Nadeem Majdalany

Nadeem Majdalany is a 2x Grammy® award-winning musician, composer, conductor and songwriter. In back to back years Nadeem has been apart of two Grammy winning albums, “Sakura” in 2023 and “Mythologies” in 2022. He has also been recognized for his contributions as a musician, engineer, and recording engineer on the 2021 Best Classical Solo Vocal Album “Mythologies.”

Nadeem’s various works are evidence of his eclectic musical styling, and it is his large talent that gives him the ability to master any style or genre and work in multiple different avenues of the music industry. While keeping in his roots in classical composition, Nadeem specializes in the blending of different genres, approaches, and techniques to create dynamic fusion. It is his deeper understanding and love for music, mathematics, and physics that allows him to see music in a new light and give his compositions a modern flare. He truly has a talent for creating groundbreaking compositions that are not only esthetically artistic but also musically enhancing.

Nadeem’s education as well as his vast personal experiences has given him the ability to understand all sides of musical composition. At the age 19, Nadeem made his orchestral debut as a conductor for the Athens Symphony Orchestra. His ability to compose, navigate, and delegate makes him unique asset to the music world.
Fancy Venue
“Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.”

- Claude Debussy

Pandora's Box Act 1 & 2

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