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Executive Summary

"Royal Blood," is an engaging series that features professionals dedicated to treating patients with rare bleeding disorders, individuals with life struggling obstacles, ground breaking solutions, and the uphill battle to present continual awareness. This captivating hour-long series captures the transformative efforts these professionals and patients undertake to permanently help reclaim their lives. All rooted in the belief that every patient should have access to life-changing therapies


Film Specification Details


TV-MA| 1h | Reality-TV| TV Series (2024- )

WGA Registered- Click to see registration

Age Demo: 28-65

Estimated Monthly Viewership: TBA Impressions

Episodes: 6EP 1 hour

Airing Start: TBA

Production Budget: $3.6Million

Advertising Time: 12-18 months

Production Company: Cervo Media Group Inc; Veritas Film & Television Inc.

Producers: (EP)Micah Tatum, (EP)Joe Brown (EP)Carlos Tavares, (AP) Mieko Hester-Perez

Film Location: TBA



In a world where genetic conditions result in limited blood-clotting factors, the stakes can be life-threatening. "Royal Blood" introduces viewers to a captivating narrative, where unique perspectives and strategic minds of professionals transform dire medical situations into tales of hope and resilience.


We follow these individuals and experts as they embark on a mission that extends far beyond the realm of traditional medical shows. "Royal Blood" is a testament to the power of dedication, care, and innovation in the field of Hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders.


As we share remarkable journeys, we aim to provide a glimpse into life-changing efforts and cutting-edge solutions. Learn about barriers individuals have experienced in obtaining access to appropriate care and treatment. "Royal Blood" is not just a story of medical professionals; it's a journey of hope, progress, and the unwavering commitment to transforming lives.




"When genetic conditions result in limited blood-clotting factors, the stakes become life-threatening. 'Royal Blood' introduces you to top professionals and individuals, determined to mitigate critical issues."




Within "Royal Blood," leading Hematology/Oncology providers and other healthcare professionals provide expert care to patients with rare bleeding disorders. Their mission revolves around the strategic deployment of the world's most advanced innovations, awareness, research, development, mental health and treatment options.


The Professionals

In the world of rare bleeding disorders, extraordinary professionals come together to shape a groundbreaking initiative called "Royal Blood." Driven by their shared passion for improving healthcare, they embark on a mission to revolutionize patient care and empower individuals to take control of their well-being.


As Royal Blood gains momentum, these professionals seamlessly provide insight and individual experiences by delivering high-quality healthcare services while fostering public understanding, curating educational content that simplifies complex medical jargon into easily digestible information for the public.

Royal Blood provides a platform where patients can learn about their conditions directly from respected medical experts, industry professionals, and anecdotal experiences. This open dialogue builds trust and confidence between healthcare providers and those seeking guidance—bridging the gap between professionals and patients like never before. By partnering with top research institutions and councils, Royal Blood showcases products available on the market that allows patients to receive the best possible treatments and tools to manage their health effectively.


​As individuals become more informed about their conditions and treatment options, they experience improved health outcomes and a greater sense of empowerment. Through Royal Blood's efforts, patients worldwide will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to actively participate in their healthcare journey.


Episode Synopsis

Living with the complications of rare blood disorders can be challenging. However, with treatment, patients with hemophilia and Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) can manage their bleeding symptoms. These are real stories from individuals with hemophilia who are recognized in CDC publications.

Episodes 1-6

Episode #1 | Maya’s Story

Title Name: Mya Survives

Maya faced many obstacles during her journey to control her bleeding symptoms. Ultimately, she persevered to get where she is now.


Episode #2 | Struggling for Resources

Title Name: Hemophilia and VWD

When Jennifer was diagnosed with hemophilia and VWD,

there weren’t many resources for girls. Now she’s

sharing her story to raise awareness. 

Episode #3 | New Hope

Title Name: Unexpected Purpose

With no family history of hemophilia, Eric’s diagnosis

was completely unexpected. Now, his diagnosis gives

him purpose and a community.



Episode Synopsis


Episode #4 | The Family Perseverance

Title Name: Family Perseverance

Having a child with hemophilia can be challenging for parents, especially if their child has an inhibitor. Jane preservers the difficult times her son and family have gone through as well as the positive life experiences her son has had. 


Episode #5 | Pro-Life

Title Name: Resilience is Key

How do you treat a toddler with hemophilia? Ashley learns the challenges and moments of resilience she’s experienced while raising her son.


Episode #6 | Nothing Will Stop Me

Title Name : Let’s Compete

Mikey is an active teenager who does not let hemophilia stop him from playing competitive sports. He shares his story to inspire others with bleeding disorders to live life to their fullest potential.



Goals & Objectives

Our primary goal is to achieve global distribution through a high-impact platform, amassing a minimum of 3 million watch hours and a dedicated following. We aim to attract the attention of industry professionals, current patients and potential patients, fostering a comprehensive understanding of rare blood disorders while also highlighting products, emerging leadership, and problem-solving disciplines.


  • Raise national and global awareness of hemophilia and rare bleeding disorders.

  • Showcase commitment to fortifying healthcare systems through local collaboration chapters and communities. (Such as LGBTQ+, Asian, Latino Hispanic, African-Americans, etc.)

  • Highlight groundbreaking Rare Blood Disorders Research and Development.

  • Spotlight endeavors to ensure sustainable access to quality treatment and payment assistance solutions.

  • Illuminate innovative approaches to state of the art therapeutic treatment.

  • Navigating the shift in lifestyles as patients and families transition from childhood to their teenage years to adulthood.

  • Highlight the importance of mental health and emphasizing the essential call to action for supporting mental well-being.





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Comparative Landscape

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