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Victory Fashion Event

Our Company Cervo Media Group is launching 3 different charitable campaigns in 2015. In Cervo Media Group’s passion is to advance specific organizations needs through the use of these charitable events.

In 2015 Cervo intends to cater to the needs of Lupus, Breast Cancer, and Human Trafficking organizations. It is important to us that the people who suffer these illnesses deserve some type of break from everyday life. A break from worrying about medical bills, a break from daily doctors visits, aches and pains. Help us be able to afford them the same luxuries we have for one night and forget about the constant daily struggle.

“Victory” charity fashion event is held to raise donations to meet the needs of people with Lupus as it pertains to paying for medical bills , lupus support , and advancement in medical research.

This event will feature runway style fashion, top designers, musical talent, and celebrity appearances.


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