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It is with great pleasure to announce the alliance of TMG, "Trinity Management Group" to the Cervo family. TMG headed by CEOs, Derrick Kinsey and William Martin III have closed deals to bring a highlight of celebrity to a sector of Cervo Media Group.

Derrick Kinsey, known for his world renown tracks has skyrocketed his career into super stardom, with past hit singles from Destiny’s Child, Chante Moore and other celebrity performers. Derrick Kinsey has set the tone in the music industry as one of the top producers in the game, making him a who's, who in Hollywood. William, best known for his work on the latest Deion Warrick project exemplifies himself as, a young savvy management vet. Side by side, the duo is quickly capturing the market space.

Now with the system backing of Cervo Media Group and Arbitrage Marketing, the team has several million dollar contracts in the making and has increase the viability of the Cervo brand to celebrity’s across the globe.

Within the next quater Cervo looks to close new contracts, with celebs, Maskia from, "Love and Hip-hop LA", comedian Michael Blackson, Seryah from the FOX hit show "Empire", R&B diva, "Chante Moore", Blvd Supply clothing, and R&B singer Brooke Valentine.

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